Dare to TRI

What is one thing you think you would never dare do? Jump from a plane? Join match.com? For me, it was signing up for the Santa Cruz Half-Ironman triathlon in

Dreams That Turn to Disasters

Have you pursued a dream that turned into a nightmare? Like that perfect home that morphed into a money pit.  As with many big decisions, the path to home ownership

Seven Secrets of Super-Agers

What sets super-agers apart from mere mortals? How can tap into the secrets of staying young? I became intrigued with seniors who defy aging while doing market research for a

The Unexpected Joy in Grief

Each January, we look with hope towards a fresh start. Like an empty canvas awaiting the first strokes of a new painting, the year lies before us full of potential. But what happens to those who have had so many hurts that they fear what heartaches lurk ahead? They might Continue Reading

Conquering Mountains

We all have a mountain to climb. For some, it is the simple goal of getting up and making it through the day without physical or emotional pain. Somehow we find a way past a devastating injury, the death of a loved one or a difficult divorce. Whatever the hurdle, Continue Reading

When Balance Goes Topsy-Turvy

Who doesn’t want more balance in life? Nothing improves sanity more than balancing a busy work season with a little R&R in Hawaii. But what if you do not know what being centered even feels like? Your mind may be in a perpetually stressed state just from the challenge of Continue Reading

Seizing the Moment

Step into the Spotlight “Please excuse me if I stutter, I’ve never done anything like this before,” Joy warned the audience. My suspense mounted as she carefully navigated her stylish heels onto a stage in front of a hundred people. I watched, slack-jawed, as the words to This is Me filled the Continue Reading

Strength in Community

What inspires cyclists to race thousands of kilometers in the Tour de France? Many of them don’t even reach the finish line—their role is simply to help their team’s strongest cyclist win a stage, and earn the coveted yellow jersey. Success is measured by how well they contribute their unique Continue Reading