Travel: Worth the Trouble?

Does the arrival of spring leave you itching to travel? You are not alone in scrolling booking sites and dreaming of a change of scenery.  Whether exploring local backroads or

A Quest for Rest: Sleep Study Shenanigans

Have you ever longed to “sleep like a baby?” Not the ones who wake up all night! Who doesn’t dream of drifting off to sleep with soothing lullabies, blissfully unaware

I Need Help!

“Do you need help?” My spouse will call this out from the next room when I am grumbling about my latest technology glitch. Why is it so hard to ask

Dream Dashers and Hope Restorers

How do you react to people squelching your dreams or selling you short? Does this make you dig your heels deeper to prove them wrong, or surrender to low expectations? Balancing Potential and Goals A former colleague of mine, Jeff Atkinson, dug deeper. We both worked in thankless jobs at Continue Reading

The Unexpected Joy in Grief

Each January, we look with hope towards a fresh start. Like an empty canvas awaiting the first strokes of a new painting, the year lies before us full of potential. But what happens to those who have had so many hurts that they fear what heartaches lurk ahead? They might Continue Reading

Conquering Mountains

We all have a mountain to climb. For some, it is the simple goal of getting up and making it through the day without physical or emotional pain. Somehow we find a way past a devastating injury, the death of a loved one or a difficult divorce. Whatever the hurdle, Continue Reading