Seven Secrets of Super-Agers

What sets super-agers apart from mere mortals? How can tap into the secrets of staying young? I became intrigued with seniors who defy aging while doing market research for a

Gifts of Love

What is the greatest gift you have ever received?  For me it was the gift of a child through adoption. Other than an organ donation, it’s hard to imagine a

A Christmas Truce

Have you heard of the Christmas Truce of December, 1914? This had to be one of the most bizarre war-time stories to emerge in wartime.  It has been documented in

Dream Dashers and Hope Restorers

How do you react to people squelching your dreams or selling you short? Does this make you dig your heels deeper to prove them wrong, or surrender to low expectations? Balancing Potential and Goals A former colleague of mine, Jeff Atkinson, dug deeper. We both worked in thankless jobs at Continue Reading