Welcome to my site! I am a substitute teacher for several districts in the San Francisco Bay Area, an avid triathlete and a published author. Several years ago, I completed a certification program in Sports Medicine and Exercise Physiology. Initially, I followed my engineer husband to California in 1987, where he pursued a PhD at Stanford. We fell in love with the prolific sunshine and outdoor recreation and never left. We have two adults sons who work in the technology field.

After staggering across the finish line at a “TRI for Fun” one sweltering summer day, I vowed never to do another triathlon. Fortunately my friends lured me back to the sport by inviting me to do a sprint relay, and I have now completed over two dozen TRIs, including a Half Ironman, numerous half marathons and a full marathon. The multi-sport lifestyle has become a perpetual source of new friendships and fitness gains. It was just the spark I needed to fuel my recovery efforts after acquiring a debilitating neurological pain disorder. Along the way, I have learned that one’s deepest pain can lead to unexpected joy. In this site, I hope to share the wealth of resources uncovered along the way, and to pass on hope. I pray you will benefit from my health discoveries, and those of others, as you navigate your own wellness journey.